Why donate to us?

Your donation gives a Syrian refugee family something extra – a little of their dignity back

Syrian refugees, including hundreds of children, arrive in the camps in Greece with very little and stripped of all dignity. Your donation will provide them with fresh and enjoyable food to supplement the meagre rations they have to live on; much needed clothing and important activities to help them now and in their futures.

You’ll also be giving them a little of their dignity back. That’s because at Refugee Support how we do things is just as important as what we do.

So instead of distributing food and clothing as handouts, we operate free shops on the camps and have organized a points based system, which is fair and equitable. This allows the refugees to come into the shops and choose from what’s available and spend their points on what they want. By making it more like a normal shopping experience we try to make life in the camps as normal as possible.

Dignity is at the heart of everything we do.

Your donation goes where it’s most needed

By being a small independent organisation, at Refugee Support we are fast on our feet and can react to what’s needed very quickly, whether it’s a food, health or other welfare issue. So your donation won’t be left sitting in a big institutional bank account for ages, it will be helping on the ground almost immediately.

Your donation helps Greece too

A donation to Refugee Support also helps support the local Greek community. Greece is the economic poor man of Europe but is having to shoulder most of the cost and burden of looking after many tens of thousands of refugees. Your donation will enable us to buy what the refugees need locally, which in turn supports the local Greek economy. This also helps build a bridge of goodwill between the refugees in the camps and the local Greek people which is very important.

This video from September in Alexandreia will give you a good idea about how we spend your donations and why they matter: