We have created a shopping arcade inside an empty hanger with themed boutiques in preparation for the arrival of up to 500 refugees in May.

Invited to set up in March 2017, we were offered a long hanger that had been used in the previous year for sorting and distribution. With no refugees on camp there was an opportunity to completely start again with a custom-made arcade.

We constructed themed boutiques along a ‘market street’ for men, women, kids, shoes and a mini-market. When people arrive we will also create a cafeteria space for them to wait and socialise.

The start of the market street

The mini-market

The men’s boutique

The women’s boutique

The kids’ boutique

The shoe-tique

  • Population: no refugees currently but expected end of May (capacity 1,000)
  • Services: mini-market, men’s boutique, women’s boutique, kid’s boutique, shoe-tique, cafeteria
  • Volunteers: plan for about about 6-8 working Monday to Saturday (and days off as needed) from 9:30am-5 or 6pm
  • Volunteer accommodation: nearby Ioannina is a popular tourist and student location with many hotels and restaurants