Volunteer stories

The experiences of volunteers who have worked with us

Volunteer stories: Sue (Nov 16)

I’ve put off writing this for a few days after my return from Camp Alexandreia as i wanted to allow my mind to shut down and exclude the experiences I had volunteering there.

After researching websites for charities working in refugee camps I took the plunge and contacted Paul Hutchings of Refugee Support as they offer structured, well planned support. Continue reading “Volunteer stories: Sue (Nov 16)”

Volunteer stories: Nuno (Nov 16)

My little contribution to a better world

It was an old desire, and life gave me the right moment to realize it.

On my first experience of volunteering in a foreign country, I was lucky to join the right organization at the right time and with the right volunteers. 16 unforgettable days at all levels at the Alexandreia Refugees Camp with the NGO Refugee Support Europe. Continue reading “Volunteer stories: Nuno (Nov 16)”

Volunteer stories: Rhys (Nov 16)

When asked to write about my time volunteering at Alexandreia, it was difficult to know where to start; my entire time there was incredibly rewarding. But one thing does bother me when I look back on the month I spent on Greece – where were all the other male volunteers? About three quarters of the people I worked with were women, so I thought I’d write something to encourage more men to join. Continue reading “Volunteer stories: Rhys (Nov 16)”

Volunteer stories: Bob (Sep 16)

Bob has a lot of experience in refugee camps and said this is one of his most interesting and moving experiences: “the fantastic comaradarie of being with this group of dedicated, caring, empathetic, wonderful people from all over the world, all united in this common understanding and bond to do something of real practical value…if you want to do it Refugee Support makes it very easy”

Continue reading “Volunteer stories: Bob (Sep 16)”

Volunteer stories: Monica (Sep 16)

It is difficult for me to put into words my experience at Alexandria Camp, while I try it, here you have my first video. If one image is worth than a thousand words …

Volunteer stories: Katina (Jun 16)

Isn’t it really tough going? I don’t think I could do it….

That’s the most common reaction when I’ve spoken about my time volunteering at the camp. In answer to the first – no, I didn’t find it overly ‘tough’. In fact in volunteering with the refugees – people who had undergone such trauma and hardships (and continue to do so) – the surprise was that I didn’t encounter behaviours that were ‘tough’ to be around. Continue reading “Volunteer stories: Katina (Jun 16)”

Volunteer stories: Sarah (Jun 16)

Just back from my second stint working in Camp Alexandriea in Northern Greece. It is an Army camp filled with around 800 people mostly from Syria – who are in limbo with their lives. The Camp is on a disused Army Base for the local Helicopter Battalion – it has ground slowly back to life as tents – 130 of them – were set up – portable toilets and showers installed. Continue reading “Volunteer stories: Sarah (Jun 16)”

Volunteer stories: Anna (May 16)

The camp is just a few hundred meters down the road from the hotel, a five-minute drive, not more than a twenty-minute walk…another world. We turn into the drive, the guard opens the gate, we roll in. It looks like the abandoned military camp it is, dilapidated buildings and overgrown grass. People are milling about in flip-flops, a couple kids are in one corner of the yard, plotting fun and trouble.

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