Under huge pressure, Greece is moving many more people from the islands to the camps where we work on the mainland and we need to support them.

At LM Village, occupancy has risen from 200 to 300, at Doliana from 80 to 150 and at Katsikas it will rise from 450 to 1,000 during October. These numbers may rise further and that’s before a possible exodus of up to 1 million civilians from the besieged Syrian city of Idlib near the Turkish border.

We’ve developed a dignified system for distributing nutritious food via shops on these camps. By creating our own currency that they can use in well stocked shops staffed by caring volunteers, we give people choice, hope and a little bit of normality.

It’s a valuable service that refugees love and has been recognised by the UNHCR, other NGOs and the Greek Ministry of Migration.

But we know people don’t just want to rely on handouts so we have also created an Empowerment Fund to help people stand on their own two feet. We are now supporting 12 new business ideas at Katsikas camp such as a restaurant, a cheese-maker and a fragrance manufacturer. We need to roll this successful project out to many more families.

The costs for all this are rising and we need your help.

Can you organise a talk at your company, trade union or organisation? A club night, a dinner or a cake sale? We are entirely reliant on private donations and whatever you raise will go straight to the people who need it.

If it helps, Co-founders John Sloan or Paul Hutchings would be delighted to attend to talk about the incredible work of our volunteers, introduce you to some of the people we are helping and discuss the global refugee situation.

Please contact Paul on [email protected] or 07768 815472 if you can help.