Our Mission

Refugee Support was founded in 2016 in response to the growing humanitarian crisis in Europe—an issue which continues to this day. Tens of thousands of refugees are living in makeshift camps, with limited access to essential supplies and resources, uncertain about if and when they will be able to move on and restart their lives.

Human dignity is at the heart of our activities. Governments and large humanitarian agencies are helping, but they move slowly and their resources are stretched. We can respond more quickly and more personally, in ways that support both the organisations and the refugees. We aim to improve the livelihoods and outcomes for refugees by prioritising dignity and co-operation. We believe that if we are going to achieve that we need to adhere to high professional and ethical standards. To support those standards, we are registered signatories of the IFRC Code of Conduct, all our volunteers need to read the Volunteers agreement and sign up here, and respect our own Code of Conduct for behaviour on the camp.

We also have a Safeguarding Policy for everyone. Our Founders are police-checked.

In order to comply with the Greek Ministry of Migration regulations, Refugee Support Europe has registered a Greek NGO – Refugee Support Greece, 26 October 10, Thessaloniki, 54627, AOM: 997064239 and is included in the Ministry of Migration Register (170721678107). Refugee Support Greece is responsible for Refugee Support Europe operations in Greece.

Human dignity is right at the heart of our activities. Governments and large humanitarian agencies are helping but they move slowly and their resources are stretched. We can respond more quickly and more personally in ways that support their efforts and better support the refugees.

Have a look at what we are doing at the different locations here. We also publish our Refugee Support Express here every Thursday with a round-up of the week’s news. And we post something every day on our Facebook page.

We are a registered charity (1174070), regulated by the Charities Commission and governed by a Board of Trustees.

You can see our Privacy Policy here.



With backgrounds in business and after 6 months involved in humanitarian relief in Calais, John Sloan and Paul Hutchings founded Refugee Support in April 2016 to help where institutions and organsations were failing.



We saw an amazing team of 400 committed, generous and hardworking volunteers in our first year. Read their stories here and help here. We also have a large team helping to run the organisation here.



The UNHCR, large humanitarian organisations and the governments have a lot of resources but we can move more quickly and serve the immediate needs of refugees while also working with them to co-ordinate activities.



Not only do we need the help of local communities to deliver services, but to facilitate integration and opportunities we need to foster goodwill and generate social and economic benefits for them as well as for refugees.