In May 2018, 20 supporters walked 120km along some of the refugee route to raise awareness and raise funds

In 2015, Europe started to close its borders to refugees whose only choice was to leave their homes in search of safety and security in Europe. In March 2016, the EU signed a deal with Turkey to slow the arrival of refugees into Greece and agreed to settle those that had already arrived in EU territory.

We arrived in Greece in April 2016 to help support the refugees on new camps that were set up for those refugees trapped in Greece.

We've seen a slow improvement in living conditions on the mainland. But conditions are still dreadful, people are waiting far too long for their applications to be processed, the southern border countries are shouldering the burden and still the refugees come.

As a continent we have failed the refugees both morally and politically. 

There are still tens of thousands of people trapped in Greece and they need our support. 


Day 1: 30th April - Greece

Eko at Polycastro and Idomeni

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Day 2: 1st May - Into FYROM

Xirovrisi and Star Dojran

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Day 3: 2nd May - Transit camp

Old Dojran to Gevgelia

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Day 4: 3rd May - Along the railway

The railway line to Demir Kapija 

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Day 5: 4th May - A destination

The old road to Skopje

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Here is a great video put together by one of the walkers, Andy, explaining what we were trying to achieve, what the route was like and where the refugees would have passed.