Thank you! Money allows us to respond quickly to whatever needs there are and enables us to invest back into the local economy. We also know how tough it can be raising money and donors like to know exactly what their money is being spent on.

What we need


The vast majority of our spending goes on food used to stock the shops. We spend about €4 per person per week and people are free to choose what they want using tokens that we distribute to everyone on the camps. Using tokens and shops to distribute the food is dignified, fair and offers a little bit of normality.

As you can see, they choose to spend over half their tokens on dairy products and fresh fruit and veg.

Here are the best selling individual products which shows in one week across all 3 camps how much they spend on each one and how many we distribute of each product.

We have negotiated with a local supplier to buy these products in bulk. This saves us between 1-10% of the cost, saves volunteer time and guarantees supply.

Can you help ensure that the shop is always fully stocked by buying a pallet of one of these?

We can of course provide full transparency and acknowledgement of your contribution if that is what you need.

We operate a warehouse near Ioannina which can receive and store pallets.

Refugee Support Europe is a registered charity (number 1174070).