We are registered with England & Wales Charity Commission: number 1174070.

We have appointed three great trustees who will guide our strategic direction, offer valuable advice and ensure we are making the best possible decisions in the interests of the refugees we support.

Bea Shrewsbury

My mother arrived in the UK as an unaccompanied 8 year old. As I grew up this fact was a big part of who we were as a family. My mother is a very strong woman and the moral compass she instilled in me and my three sisters was a high sense of right and wrong, as well as the need to be part of the community.

I consider myself a world citizen. I have spent much of my working life running small businesses and over the past 9 years have done this remotely while living in one of the many countries my partner worked, currently Palma de Mallorca. I’m a problem solver, have a degree in Statistics and am a chartered accountant.

As with others I met while volunteering in Greece, the vetting process and the clear aims and instructions received before arrival and at the camp made me confident that my time and the money I raised were going to be used to really make a difference. I was honoured to be asked to be a trustee and am very aware of the responsibility I have to every stakeholder by accepting. I intend taking an active role in helping further develop Refugee Support into a charity achieving its aims for as long as there are refugees in need.

Rana Toukan

As the Syrian refugee crisis continued to worsen, I felt motivated by a desire to try and do something to help. That is when I decided to volunteer at a refugee camp. With my limited humanitarian experience, I had no idea what that would entail. But when I arrived at the refugee camp, I saw first-hand the valuable systematic work that Refugee Support Europe (RSE) and the volunteers do every day to improve the lives of refugees, from stocking the shops, sorting the warehouse to scheduling and even liaising with other organizations. RSE has taken a pivotal and a very personal approach in the camps by going around speaking with the refugees to ensure they have access to the basic necessities like food, toiletries and clothing, and they do this with the one goal to provide ‘aid with dignity’.

This is why when they asked me to become a trustee, I was incredibly honoured to become a part of this charity and to be entrusted with the responsibilities of a trustee. I take this role extremely seriously and will work to ensure, along with the other trustees, that the charity is carrying out the purposes for which it is set up to, that it is complying with its governing documents, and I will use my skills and experience to offer guidance and advice on the charity’s strategic direction.

I was born and raised in Amman, Jordan then moved to Canada for 10 years until 2015. Since October 2015, I moved to Dubai where I now live and work for a solar investment company. Throughout most of my career life, I worked in corporate credit and risk assessment. I received my undergraduate education in Boston and an MBA from London.

Nick Marsh

I’ve worked in the charity fundraising sector for nearly 20 years – both in the UK and internationally – for some of the UK’s best known charity brands. I am currently Deputy Director of Relationship Marketing at WWF leading a team who bring in about £35 million income annually to support vital conservation work globally.

I’ve also been fortunate to have run my own successful charity which raised over £1 million and sent over 5,000 volunteers to support vital work in Cambodia and Bolivia. This has been successfully handed over to the local community to manage directly – which was always the aim.

I’ve travelled extensively over the years and been fortunate to have visited every continent (bar Antarctica). I’m a father of 3 wonderful young girls who now take up most of my spare time.

I was honoured to be asked to be a trustee of Refuges Support and I intend taking an active role in helping the team achieve its aims.

Eve Linieres

With a 25 year history in executive search I have built and run globally recognised talent management organisations. My entire career has been people focussed negotiating at the highest level and building lasting relationships with leaders of the world’s leading tech companies including Apple. Although driven to run profitable businesses I am a people person and one who understands how to build cultures in businesses and careers alike.

My reasons for becoming a trustee are again people focussed. Watching news on the human flow from warring countries into refugee camps disturbed me utterly and in November 2017 I had the opportunity to do something. Refugee Support’s ethos of providing aid with dignity was compelling and after an efficient and slick process I found myself in one of the camps in Greece where they operate, Filippiada. I went with my daughter to work in the camp and experienced the respect, passion and commitment that are the core values of Refugee Support. I returned to Katsikas in November 2018 where again I could see the real difference that Refugee Support makes to these brave but traumatised residents who truly appreciate their work whether it be in the form of a warm welcome, a weekly food shop including beautiful fruit and vegetables locally produced or in the provision of much needed clothes.

I am entrepreneurial and creative and I hope to use these skills in my role as a trustee to fundraise within the corporate market and also to raise awareness.