Raise awareness and essential funds while walking with a great bunch of like-minded people through the countryside in Greece.

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Help raise awareness that there is still a humanitarian crisis in Greece

There are now over 100,000 refugees in Greece – double the number than when we arrived in April 2016! The camps on the islands are squalid and dangerous open prisons so this year has seen a huge 70% increase in the number of refugees making the journey overland through northern Turkey and across the river Evros. So far this year it is at least 15,000 people. It is not as dangerous as the sea crossing but people have lost their lives and Greece is still struggling to cope.

Help raise funds for Refugee Support’s essential work in Greece

We’ve worked on seven of Greece’s official camps offering our brand of Aid with Dignity, delivered by caring, enthusiastic volunteers. Our free shop at Katsikas distributes €4,500 of food every week using RS tokens to promote dignity and offer a little bit of normality to 1,100 refugees. And we also have an Empowerment Fund to help finance businesses to promote self-sufficiency and a sense of purpose.

Spend time with like-minded people in the amazing Greek countryside

Last year, 20 of us came together from different countries, backgrounds and generations all united in support of refugees. We retraced the refugee route by walking from Idomini to Skopje, you can read about it here. Walking together in solidarity with refugees meant that we all finished the week as firm friends and with great memories. If you care about helping refugees, spending this time with others who feel like you will be inspiring, energising and rewarding.

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What’s the plan?

To highlight this new route that many thousands are now taking to get into Europe, we will start our walk from the Greek side of the Turkish border along the River Evros.

On 5 may, we will meet in Thessaloniki, and take the bus to the Turkish border along the river Evros. The next day we will start our walk and plan to follow the coastline through the mountains, forests and lakesides of Southern Greece back to arrive back in Thessaloniki on 10 May.

About 30 of us will walk about 20km a day and we will be assisted by a coach to carry our bags and transport us to basic hotels for the night. Along the route we will be accompanied by people who have helped refugees in Greece and we will walk through areas where refugees are being held.

What about the costs?

We will be asking you to raise £2,000 for the people we support. About £450-500 of that will be for hotels, food and transfers during the walk (you will need to pay for your flights to and from Thessaloniki).

So you can either raise £2,000 from your supporters. Or you can raise £1,500 from your supporters and pay for your own hotel and food costs yourselves. This is entirely up to you but we can help you with a fundraising page and ideas. It sounds like a big number but it is easily doable.

You will need to pay a £100 deposit immediately to secure your place.

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