Delivering #AidWithDignity

We offer humanitarian aid with dignity to refugees, while also supporting the local economy.

Our response is tailored to local needs and conditions, and designed to bring a sense of normality to what are often very challenging situations. At Katsikas, for example, we have shops where people can use tokens we distribute to ‘buy’ whatever they want:

On a number of camps, we also offer a boutique to distribute donated clothes and toys in a dignified way. In more remote locations, we put on a weekly bus service so that residents can access essential local resources and services. In others, we’ve installed football facilities and gym equipment, bringing much-needed amusement to the camps.

We are a small, dynamic organisation that relies on caring volunteers to deliver our aid with dignity. And we work in partnership with supporters, local communities and large agencies. That means every penny we raise goes directly to improving the lives of people who have had to flee war and violence.

Our Priorities


Toiletries, clothing and home comforts 


Food security, care and engaging activities


Responsive to what people need 

How You Can Help


Spend time on the ground to help make a real difference


Donate Funds

Your donation truly helps refugees live with more dignity