Delivering #AidWithDignity

Our vision is a world where all refugees can lead a life with dignity. So we offer refugees the opportunity to rebuild their lives, while also supporting the local economy.

Our service fills the gaps that other agencies are too slow or not able to fill. In Cyprus, for example, we have set up the first ever Dignity Centre so that people have a safe space to learn and create. And in Greece we have a free shop where people can use tokens to ‘buy’ whatever they want:

We are a small, dynamic organisation that relies on passionate volunteers to deliver our professional model of Aid with Dignity. We have a track record in going to difficult environments and getting things done whether that is Greece, Bangladesh, Mexico or Cyprus.

If you care about refugees, we give you an easy way to help.

Our Priorities


Respecting people as individuals


Identifying the gaps and filling them


Campaigning for changes that will make a difference

How You Can Help


Spend time on the ground to help make a real difference


Donate Funds

Your donation truly helps refugees live with more dignity